We’ll rent you our gear!  As fellow DIY filmmakers, we want to make great equipment available to you for low cost, minimum hassle, and great results.

No insurance?  No problem...we can easily arrange a PayPal deposit you can afford and get you a pro-quality rig without the hassle.

No experience with this great camera?  No problem...we have skilled DPs and camera operators available for incredibly low rates, either for a portion of your shoot or the whole enchilada.

Not very much money?  No problem...our standard rates are as low as you’ll find for everything you get.  Furthermore, we’re open to discussing discounts for long-term rentals, special arrangements for special projects, and that kind of thing.  We’re much more flexible and offer more personal service than the standard rental houses, and we want to help you make your low-budget films, music videos, art projects, pilots, presentations, or tests.

The Canon 5D Mark II shoots beautiful 1080p footage; its rich color, cinematic depth of field, and flexibility have become extremely popular with filmmakers in the past several years.  The 5D has recently been used to shoot the season finale of House on Fox, TV commercials for major clients, and countless short film and music video projects.  

The gear is in excellent condition and is very well taken care of.  We accept cash and PayPal.  Here’s our full kit:

= Canon 5D Mark II Body 
Full-frame sensor shoots 1080p/720p/480p at 30/25/24fps to H264 encoded .mov files
= 2 16GB High-Speed UDMA Memory Cards
	   Up to 40 min of footage per card; extra card allows for continuous shooting
= Battery charger & two batteries
= HDMI Video Cable for Monitor & Playback
= Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 L Zoom Lens
	    Macro focus; fast, crisp, and flexible lens
= Nikon 50mm f/1.4 Prime Lens
	    Super-sensitive standard lens, amazing in very low light
= Nikon 70-300mm f/3.5-5.6 Telephoto Lens
	    Great for long shots in good lighting conditions
= Novoflex Adapter Ring for Nikon Lenses
= Manfrotto Pro Tripod w/504HD Fluid Head
= indiRAILS HDSLRpro Shoulder Rig for Steady, Pro-Quality Handheld Shots and Accessory Mounting
= Rode Directional Microphone w/Boom Pole and Cables
Can be used mounted on camera OR on 8’ Boom Pole for Greater Control
= 500GB LaCie Rugged Hard Drive for On-Set Data Transfer and Backup
= All necessary cables, basic accessories, software and manuals
RATE: $200/day
    Please call to inquire about DP/operator rates and available discounts.Camera_Rental_files/683635.jpeg